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Rolofson Animal Cages

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"Quality cages at unbelievable prices"

Rolofson Animal Cages are the best cages you'll find anywhere because they are handmade with the best materials available. Our cages can be easily customized to make sure you get exactly what you want.

1/2"X1/2" openings between wires

Specially designed to provide your pet with plenty of room without taking up much floor space.
Excellent for people with many animals, apartments, or little space.

Powder Coating makes the cages safe and easy to clean

Plastic edge guard along all raw edges prevent your pet from getting cut or scratched.

Door latches are easy for humans to open but impossible for animals.

The deep plastic base prevents litter from scattering and is easy to clean.

Wire contains no zinc or lead.*

Removable Lenolium shelf covers are flexible and easily pull out the doors for cleaning.**

Contact Nicci at:
(503) 669-8423
1201 NE 8th St. #217
Gresham, OR 97030

*Most cages are galvanized with zinc to make them rust resistant and durable, but animals that ingest the zinc can get zinc poisoning which can be not only deadly but very difficult to reverse. Powder Coating is more durable than galvanizing and non toxic. (Some veterinarians are not yet aware of this problem)

**It is very important that all small animals don't have wire flooring as serious problems such as leg breaks or bumblefoot can result.

For more information on zinc poisoning, wire floors, or animal care contact the following animal clubs or your veterinarian.

The Complete Hamster Site
National Gerbil Society
House Rabbit Society
American Ferret Association
Rat and Mouse Club of America
Pet Birds

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