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A ten gallon aquarium is good for one or two leopard geckos.


1. Lamp-Leopard Geckos are nocturnal so they don't need UV rays. I use a 75 watt black light (It's actually purple) for warmth. Daisy is very sensitive to bright lights, so I try to keep her in dark areas. Some people use red or blue light but I couldn't find them in high enough wattage. Also, I like to put neon things in the cage because of the lighting effects from the black light.


2. Water-A shallow bowl shaped like a rock is perfect for drinking and getting wet. I rinse and refill it daily.

3. Temperature-A reptile thermometer should be placed on the cool side of the cage. I keep mine at 80-85 during the day and 75-80 at night.


4. Caves-Leopard Geckos need hiding places. I put one cave on the hot side and one on the cool side so she can regulate her temperature. I built these with rocks next to the glass. I put cut out photographs over the glass (see above picture) so that I can peek in the caves without bugging Daisy too much.

5. Lid-Although Leopard Geckos can't climb the glass it's a good idea to have a lid. It helps keep pets and children out, it is a good place to set you lamp (If you have a metal lid), and it keeps the crickets from hopping out.


6. Décor-I like the natural look so I used rocks, wood, and crushed walnut shells for the ground. It's very easy to keep clean, I just scoop up the dry poo every day and then it's clean. She usually goes poo once in the same place every night. Be careful of what you use on the ground, some sand and other things can make them sick.


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