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The Rolofson Rabbits

Summer and Grey as bunnies.


I don't know how old she is but she seems to be losing her sight so I think she's pretty old.  She's a beautiful auburn mini rex with a very sweet personality.  She used to be a show rabbit.  She used to be an inside rabbit but now she lives on our porch.  She wont stay in the house without her daughters,  and her daughters didn't potty train very well so she stays with them.  Unless it freezes or is too hot, then they come live in our kitchen.

Summer and Thumper

 I've included them together because they look like twins.  They are that orangy color above in the picture with cream accents.  Summer is the runt and is still smaller than the other rabbits.  She is somewhat timid but very lovable.  Thumper is the biggest of the three.  She is outgoing and sweet.  They were born July 1997 and are Cinnamon's daughters.

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